Franz Roh (1890-1965)

vintage photographs

April 21 - July 21, 2007

Berinson Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition with 60 vintage photographs and 10 collages by Franz Roh, the german art historian, critic and photographer who not only defined the European avant-garde between the two World Wars, but who – as both critic and artist – influenced the collective trends seen in much photo-based work today. Berinson Gallery’s exhibition presents works largely from the 1930s, most of which are on view for the first time, and illuminates the possibilities of expression Franz Roh coaxed from the photographic mechanism, particulary the negative print and the photomontage. Ranging from motifs of the female nude to the urban landscape to Surrealist-inflected collage, the works in this exhibition attest to both Roh’s theoretical engagement with photography, as well as his singular take on a number of the experimental techniques which would define much of the “New Vision” in photography.

A catalog (112 pages, 85 reproductions) for 30,- € is available.